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Save Energy & Boost IAQ with Remote HVAC Monitoring


On-demand reports of remaining filter life for all of your filters allows you to better deploy your personnel


Requires only a drill and screwdriver and a few minutes of time
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Running your HVAC sytem will a clogged filter can increase your energy costs 15%


Clogged filters reduces the rate at which air circulates, reducing IAQ

Eliminate Clogged Air Fitlers Forever!

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The revolutionary FILTERSCAN WiFi air filter monitor and notification system tells you when to change the air filter on your HVAC system. It removes the guesswork, eliminates filter clogging, and maximizes air filter life. This smart device uses a patented sensor to measure the differential pressure in the system and alert you when it senses the filter has become clogged. It helps you avoid the unnecessary cost of filter clogging: higher energy bills, reduced indoor air quality, and additional wear on your HVAC system.

It is easy to install and, with the press of a button, automatically calibrates itself to your system. You and your maintenance staff have enough to worry about. Let FILTERSCAN worry about your air filter.

Facilities Managers Love the FilterScan WiFi

Cleveland, NY
“It’s really easy to install and to make sure everything is set right.”
Randleman, NC.
"The Filterscan will give you ease of mind, knowing your HVAC is being constantly evaluated for low air flow, due to a dirty filter.”
Roanoke, IL.
“The installation is a snap. I took my time and completed it in less than 10 minutes."

Buy the FilterScan WiFi - $99

  • Automatic monitoring of your HVAC air filter
  • Compatible with a wide variety of air filters and with single and multi-speed HVAC blower systems

  • Text and/or email alerts on any Internet-connected smartphone or desktop or tablet. 

  • On-demand reports of the state of your air filter from anywhere on any Internet-connected device when you upgrade to AirFilterSentry Plus Notification Service

  • Battery-powered (batteries included) or 6V wall adapter (optional). 

  • Product Information Sheet

  • Installation And User Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get automatic alerts?

Follow these three easy steps to enjoy convenient text and/or e-mail alerts to your Smartphone (Android or iOS) or desktop computer or tablet (Mac or PC) whenever your HVAC system’s filter needs servicing. First, create an AirFilterSentry account at www.cleanalertwifi.com and add your monitor to the account. You will get a year of AirFilterSentry Plus Notification Service FREE. After the year is up, you have the option renew your Plus service for a small annual fee or to downgrade to Basic service and never be charged again. Next, install the FILTERSCAN WiFi air filter monitor on your forced air heating and/or cooling system, link it wirelessly with your Internet router using the supplied instructions, and calibrate it. It will now start monitoring your system and storing its readings on our server. When it detects that the air filter is clogged it will alert you by phone and/or email. You will also be able to view and download reports that provide performance information such as the percentage of air filter life used, the monitor’s battery status, and the elapsed time since your last air filter replacement.

Can I use the FilterScan WiFi Air Filter Monitor without signing up for the AirFilterSentry Notification Service?

Yes. But without subscribing to the AirFilterSentry notification service, your monitor can only issue local alerts (audible alarm and flashing light), just like the FS-242. Without the AirFilterSentry, your monitor cannot send alerts to designated smartphones or desktop computers or tablets, nor can you view a real-time report to show the air filter’s remaining life. AirFilterSentry Basic service is completely free.

I have read that Internet-connected appliances can be hijacked by hackers and corrupted. Is that possible with the FilterScan WiFi Air Filter Monitor?

No.The FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor only accepts commands in response to requests it makes to CleanAlert’s server. That server is protected by advanced firewalls and encryption. Furthermore, the FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor has to identify itself with a unique serial number and matching MAC address in order for the server to accept information sent to it.

Can a clogged filter increase my utility bills?

Yes. A clogged filter makes the heating and cooling system run much longer to move the same volume of air. As a result, energy consumption can increase by as much as 15% a year if the heating and cooling system is operated at the point considered clogged, much more if operated beyond that point. Since the average home in the U.S. spends over $1,200 a year for heating and cooling, this translates to almost $200 a year in unnecessary energy expenses.

What is the difference between the B and the C models of the FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor?

The FS-245-B is battery operated. Four AA batteries are provided with your monitor. This model can also be powered from a wall outlet by using an optional (Model CA-360) 6VDC wall adaptor.

The FS-245-C is powered by a 15-24V AC/DC power source, usually from the heating or cooling system’s auxiliary power. This model should only be installed by a licensed electrician or HVAC contractor using electrical conduit.

The AirFilterSentry Notification Service sounds complicated to set up and expensive; is it?

No. It is actually very simple to set up. Just follow the step by step instructions in the manual. The first year of AirFilterSentry Plus service is FREE. After the free trial year you can downgrade to free Basic service or renew Plus service for a minimal annual fee.

Suppose my home has multiple HVAC systems, each with their own FilterScan WiFi Air Filter Monitor. Will the AirFilterSentry Notification Service allow me to view the status of each monitor using a single account?

Yes. You may register multiple monitors under a single account. Furthermore you can customize the alerts issued by each monitor so that you can distinguish them.

Why should I buy a FILTERSCAN?

FILTERSCAN eliminates the guesswork as to when to change your air filter. You cannot readily tell when an air filter is clogged just by looking at it since it may contain surface dirt but still have a lot of life left in it. More importantly, an air filter does its work unseen and “out of sight is out of mind.” The majority of homeowners forget to change their air filter when it becomes clogged. As a result, a clogged air filter is the primary reason for HVAC equipment failure in homes.

Can a FilterScan WiFi Air Filter Monitor help me maintain good indoor air quality?

Yes. A clogged air filter will result in a slower flow of air throughout your heating or cooling system. That slower flow allows dust and mold to accumulate inside the air ducts and on the system’s heating or cooling coils.

Can I mount a FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor on the outside of a building?

No. It should not be directly exposed to the weather. However, our optional Tube Kit can be used in situations where either downstream or upstream installations are not possible.


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