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Whether you are looking to reduce your home energy costs or improve your home’s indoor air quality, CleanAlert's HVAC system efficiency monitors can help.

When you manage your air filters with the FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor, you are likely to enjoy extended equipment life, lower energy consumption, and improved air quality.

We invite you to learn more about how CleanAlert's patented technology is significantly more robust and cost-effective than other airflow measurement products.

Know About Filter Clogging Before It Shuts Your System Down

Your home heating and cooling system should serve as a silent champion for your family’s comfort and safety. Unfortunately, clogged home air filters can seriously undermine its performance, potentially leading to unnecessary expenses and health problems. CleanAlert's home air system efficiency monitoring products help prevent that from happening.

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Preventing Filter Clogging Means Better Living in Your Home

Filter clogging can result in higher energy bills, expensive repair costs, and poorer indoor air quality (which can cause difficulty for those susceptible to asthma and allergies).

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