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filter-prevent-costly-repairsRegularly changing your heating and cooling system’s air filter may seem unimportant. This simple task and relatively small expenditure, however, can save you serious cash later on and prevent costly repairs.

Consider the following facts about your HVAC system air filter

Just like replacing your car engine’s oil and air filter every 3,000 miles, a clean HVAC air filter protects your system from becoming damaged and, ultimately, failing entirely. The fact is that clogged air filters are the primary cause of heating/cooling system failure. But why?

Imagine trying to inflate two balloons: one with a half-inch opening and the other with a one-inch opening. You would have to blow into the half-inch opening a lot harder, placing a greater strain on your lungs, to achieve the same fully-inflated goal.

Now, transfer that concept to your heating/cooling system. Blower fans push the air through the filter. If the filter becomes too clogged with dust, dander, and debris, it becomes like that narrowed opening on the balloon. The blower fans have to strain harder to pass the air through a clogged filter.

Furthermore, in a central air conditioning unit, a clogged air filter can cause the evaporator or cooling coil to freeze up because not enough air is moving to dissipate the condensation that is normally produced during the cooling process. Lack of adequate airflow causes this condensation to freeze – reducing the unit’s ability to remove heat from the air (e.g., cool your home) and, most likely, eventually causing your air conditioner to break down.

Clogged air filters can lead to costly repairs to your heating and cooling system

The problem is that it’s a lot easier to notice a leak in your roof then to notice a clogged air filter, which is often tucked away in some easily-forgettable corner of the house. Don't just take our word for it. Hear what Tim Carter, of AskTheBuilder.com has to say about clogged air filters.

The solution to air filter clogs? FILTERSCAN® WiFi air filter monitors!

Fortunately, CleanAlert’s FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitoring system alerts you exactly when to change your filters by sending you a message via Smartphone or tablet. It is a simple solution that will prolong your heating/cooling system’s life and give you peace of mind.

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