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CleanAlert was founded in 2005. The CleanAlert Management Team was formed in 2007.

Since then, we have added new members to the team in acknowledgement that the company was evolving from think tank to startup to having successful air system efficiency monitoring products to offer homeowners and contractors as well as facility managers.

Today's CleanAlert Management Team includes the following talented professionals:

Robert Piron - CFO & Founder

Tel: (888) 414-3569 
LinkedIn: Bob Piron

Robert Piron, Board chairman and CFO, was a Professor of Economics at Oberlin College for 47 years and was a partner in Piron & Fernandez, an economic consulting firm. Bob founded CleanAlert, LLC in 2005, together with Board member Eric Nilson, and the co-inventors Jacob Fraden and Alex Rutstein. Bob manages investor relations and financial operations at CleanAlert.  

Luis Fernandez - President

Tel: (888) 414-3569 

Luis Fernandez was Professor and Chairman of the Economics Department at Oberlin College for 30 years before becoming President of CleanAlert. As President, Luis is responsible for strategic and financial planning and is a member of the Board. 

William Sherman - VP of Engineering

Tel: (888) 414-3569 ext. 103 

Bill Sherman has over 35 years of experience in engineering and operations management, quality management, product development, continuous improvement initiatives, systems integration and manufacturing in global, multi-plant operations. He has directed engineering groups and had division-level responsibility in a number of industries, including financial, retail, consumer electronics, computing, and cash and document handling. Bill oversees product development, production, supplier relations, and manages the CleanAlert testing lab. 

Kevin Boland - Office Manager

Tel: (888) 414-3569 ext. 104 
LinkedIn: Kevin Boland

Kevin Boland previously served as an attorney in a large firm, as an assistant district attorney, and as an auditor with a large accounting firm. Kevin is Director of Customer Service, where he responds to customer inquiries, manages the corporate office in Oberlin, represents the company at tradeshows and other promotional events, and assists in developing the company’s marketing materials and customer communications.  

We invite you to reach out to the CleanAlert Management Team - contact us today!