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Glossary of Relevant Terms:

Dirty Air Filter:   An air filter which has been in use and has collected some amount of dirt or dust particles that discolor the filter fibers or element but do not substantially affect the air flow through it.

Clogged Air Filter:  An air filter which has collected a sufficient amount of dirt or dust particles to not only discolor the filter fibers or element but decrease the air flow through the filter as well. The FILTERSCAN typically identifies a filter as clogged when the differential pressure within an HVAC system increases to 1.5 to 2 times the initial differential pressure identified when the unit was calibrated with a clean filter (baseline).

  • The blinking GREEN status LED at the FILTERSCAN Monitor or Receiver indicates normal operation.
  • The blinking YELLOW status LED indicates a process is occurring and can also indicate a low battery condition at the Monitor or Receiver.
  • The RED status LED  is an alarm indicator which blinks whenever an alarm condition occurs.
  • An AUDIBLE BEEP is an alarm indicator which beeps whenever certain alarm conditions occur.