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The FILTERSCAN® Air Filter Monitor is an innovative application of the CleanAlert air flow sensing technology. The FILTERSCAN tracks the increase in differential pressure to monitor filter clogging.

As a result, FILTERSCAN can tell when to change an HVAC's air filter before it becomes clogged.

Rather than have to guess or resort to imprecise (and mostly inaccurate) schedules, it is now possible to know exactly when an air filter is clogged and need replacement. As an HVAC professional you know

  • Servicing filters too often results in unnecessary expense from the costs of the filters themselves and the time required to service them.
  • Waiting too long to service a filter allows pressure to build up in an HVAC system, thereby increasing costs by lengthening the time fans must operate to move hot or cold air throughout the system and, eventually, causing the system to fail.

FILTERSCAN Takes the Guesswork out of Replacing Home Air Filters

Instead, install the FILTERSCAN on your clients' HVAC systems and eliminate this guesswork. Ensure that their home cooling and heating systems are operating effectively, efficiently, and safely.

The FILTERSCAN provides local visual and audible alerts which let you know that a filter needs to be serviced when the increase in differential pressure reaches a specified level. The FILTERSCAN comes in a number of configurations, as shown in the table below. The standard model provides only a local alert.

The wireless model has a wireless, wall-mounted receiver that that issues a visual and audible alert whenever the monitor detects a clogged filter. This model is ideal in situations where the monitor needs to be installed in a crawl space, attice, closet or other location where the monitor's alarms would not be seen or heard.

And we now have our new FILTERSCAN WiFi model. This model is capable of sending a text or email alert to anyone the homeowner designates and providing reports of the filter status on any Internet-connected device.

Each model can be powered in one of two ways: using included AA batteries, using an optional AC wall adapter, or using the 15-24 V auxiliary power from the HVAC system itelf through a professionally installed electrical conduit.

Model Number Description Power
FS-242-B Non-wireless monitor Battery
FS-242-BWR Wireless monitor and receiver Battery
FS-242-C Non-wireless monitor 24V Conduit
FS-242-CWR Wireless monitor and receiver 24V Conduit
FS-245-B WiFi monitor Battery
FS-245-C WiFi monitor 24V Conduit

Straightforward to Install. Automatically Recalibrates When Air Filter is Replaced

Installation of the FILTERSCAN is straightforward, and the unit is easily recalibrated each time a clogged air filter is serviced. Because the FILTERSCAN calibrates itself every time a filter is serviced, it can be used with a wide variety of filters.

Although the CleanAlert FILTERSCAN Air Filter Monitor may be installed upstream, downstream, or differentially across the air filter (using an available tubing kit - see below), the best results come from installing downstream of the air filter (that is, between the air filter and the system blower fan, usually located at the return duct of the HVAC system). Homeowners can change air filter models as desired.

The FILTERSCAN is compatible with single- and multi-speed blower HVAC systems and most VAV (Variable Air Volume) systems.

For more information, see How to Install the FILTERSCAN Air Filter MonitorHow to Calibrate the FILTERSCAN Air Filter Monitor and How To Operate the FILTERSCAN Air Filter Monitor.

FILTERSCAN features include:

  • Automatic Monitoring
  • Compatible with Various Filters
  • Visual and Audible Alerts
  • AC/DC or Battery Operation or 15-24V Electrical Conduit (professional installation recommended)
  • Wired Output to Remote Device/Receiver
  • Optional Wireless Model Available

FILTERSCAN can be used for the following applications:

  • Residential/Commercial HVAC Systems
  • Single or Multi-Speed Systems
  • Network Operating Center Filtration
  • Hospitals and Clean Rooms
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Electronics Manufacturing

Click to download the FILTERSCAN Product Information Sheet

Click to download the FILTERSCAN Installation and Operation Guide 

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding the FILTERSCAN.