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FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor Models

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New Call-to-action FS-245-B. Battery-powered. $99. The FS-245-B is powered by four AA batteries (included) or by an optional 6V wall adapter (Model CA-360). 

New Call-to-action FS-245-C. 15-24V AC/DC powered. $99The FS-245-C is powered by a 15-24V source, usually the HVAC auxiliary power. This model should only be installed by a licensed electrician or HVAC contractor using electrical conduit.

If you need more than 25 units, then call 888-414-3569, Press 3, and we will provide you with volume discounts.

These products are available for sale only in the United States and Canada. If you are interest in obtaining a FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor in another country, please contact us.