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Building Automation 

Reducing building costs, increasing efficiency and improving comfort are primary concerns for any facility manager. In addition, obtaining LEED and Green Building certifications can be essential to the goals and needs of many organizations. Monitoring airflow is a central part of creating energy savings; as much as 60% of a building's energy costs can be related to HVAC operation.

CleanAlert can provide you with the tools you need to meet these challenges. The FRADENPROBE® Air Velocity Transducer and SensorDock® Multi-Point Averaging Sensor Power Supply provide accurate measurement of air flows at a reasonable price, while the FILTERSCAN WiFi® Air Filter Monitor eliminates the guesswork involved in deciding when to service air filters.

Medical Facilities  

greenbuildingAirflow management is critical in medical facilities to reduce operating costs, attain greater energy efficiency and improve air quality.

Continuous air velocity monitoring is essential to the operation of an energy-efficient and effective hospital HVAC system. Medical facility operators are looking to solve these challenges by using air flow controls and monitoring devices such as those offered by CleanAlert.

Network Operating Centers/Controlled Environment Facilities

datacenter2With nearly 40% of network operating centers' electricity cost attributable to cooling, system efficiency is a major issue facing facility managers today. Network operating center operators often request more cooling capacity to maintain acceptable temperature levels, yet many experts argue that the problem is often not insufficient cooling capacity but poor air flow management.

Adopting a strategy to improve air flow performance can result in reduced cooling costs and improved temperature distribution across cabinets. Minimizing or eliminating the ill effects of bypass and recirculation air is essential to an efficient center.

Installing FRADENPROBE® Air Velocity Transducers at your network operating center will allow you to measure air flows at your facility around-the-clock at a competitive price, while the FILTERSCAN WiFi® Air Filter Monitor will eliminate the guesswork involved in deciding when to service your center's air filters. 

Other Markets

industrialequipmentCleanAlert's airflow solutions can make a significant difference in a variety of markets by enhancing energy efficiency.

Examples include:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Curing and Drying
  • Laboratory/Clean Rooms
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Waste Water Removal
  • Radon Remediation

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