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Whether You Are Managing Large or Multiple Facilities, We Can Help You:

  • Lower your maintenance costs by not replacing air filters too soon
  • Reduce your energy costs by not running your HVAC systems with clogged air filters
  • Eliminate the number one cause of HVAC system failure: clogged air filters
  • Maintain IAQ with by preventing the build-up of mold and other allergens in your air ducts due to inadequat air flow caused by clogged air filters
  • Keep track of air filter maintenance with our sophisticated reports 



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What HVAC customers have to say about FILTERSCAN

“It’s really easy to install and to make sure everything is set right.”

Chuck | Cleveland, NY

"The Filterscan will give you ease of mind, knowing your HVAC is being constantly evaluated for low air flow, due to a dirty filter.”

James | Randleman, NC.
Mary Harris

“The installation is a snap. I took my time and completed it in less than 10 minutes."

Byron | Roanoke, IL. 
Kyle Thorn

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Why Choose CleanAlert?

Drawing on revolutionary technology developed by Jacob Fraden, the inventor of the infrared ear thermometer, CleanAlert has developed a family of airflow monitoring solutions for homeowners, contractors and facility managers. 

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