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CleanAlert's experience in airflow monitoring and our innovative patented technologies allow us to offer unprecedented solutions for a variety of markets. Whether you are looking to reduce energy costs, expand your monitoring capabilities or improve system efficiency, our rugged, adaptable products can help. Our experienced team understands your market's needs and is here to create solutions to your problems. 

Residential HVAC Markets

Did you know a Clogged Filter:

  • Is one of the leading causes of higher energy bills?
  • Is the primary cause of heating and air conditioning system equipment failure?
  • Can cause dirt build up in your duct system leading to mold or allergen problems?
  • Can fail to capture containments, leading to poor indoor air quality?
  • Can lead to thousands of dollars in repair costs?

ALL True, but you can prevent these serious problems by installing FILTERSCAN® WiFi - the Air Filter Monitor for Home heating and air conditioning systems!

Commercial HVAC Markets

The major issue facing the HVAC industry today is the push towards improved efficiency, comfort, and air quality. These concerns have triggered national movements to retrofit and remodel inefficient buildings and systems. HVAC professionals are looking to solve these challenges by using air flow controls and monitoring devices such as those offered by CleanAlert.

The FRADENPROBE® Air Velocity Transducer and SensorDock® Multi-Point Averaging Sensor Power Supply provide an accurate measurement of air flows at a reasonable price, while the FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor eliminates the guesswork involved in deciding when to service air filters.

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