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Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic and lockdowns, we want to help keep your home’s Indoor Air Quality at its best.

We also want to keep our staff working.

So, from now through December, 2020, we are offering our FILTERSCAN WiFi Home Air Filter Monitor at an amazing 23% off our retail price. That’s $99.95 for the peace of mind that you are keeping the air circulating in your house as clean as possible. At this exceptionally low price there is a limit of ONE filterscan per household.



The FILTERSCAN WiFi® Home affordable airflow sensor and differential pressure monitor sends you a text or email when it's time to change your home's air furnace filter.


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    When word gets out that you’ve accomplished a successful deployment of a mobile FM solution, you may find yourself being asked for advice from others. The idea of offering mobile access to an FM solution is so reasonable, that just about everyone I meet in the profession wants to do this (if they haven’t already), but some are still not quite ready to take the plunge.

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