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Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic and lockdowns, we want to help keep your home’s Indoor Air Quality at its best.

We also want to keep our staff working.

So, from now through December, 2020, we are offering our FILTERSCAN WiFi Home Air Filter Monitor at an amazing 23% off our retail price. That’s $99.95 for the peace of mind that you are keeping the air circulating in your house as clean as possible. At this exceptionally low price there is a limit of ONE filterscan per household.



The FILTERSCAN WiFi® Home affordable airflow sensor and differential pressure monitor sends you a text or email when it's time to change your home's air furnace filter.


    Six Tips to Ward Off Spring's Biggest Allergy Trigger

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Mar 26, 2018 5:51:59 AM

    Now that the temperatures are starting to rise, those with allergies know that while others celebrate, they'll be preparing for a season of watery eyes, and an itchy, runny nose without the proper precautions.

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    The Relief You Need from Spring's Worst Oncoming Allergy

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Mar 26, 2018 5:34:43 AM

    For many of us, rising temperatures means finally getting outside for some fresh air, but up to 60 million Americans will distress over the breeze coming in through those open windows.

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    Four Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on May 22, 2017 10:04:00 AM

    Allergy season is upon us. While spring and summer are a glorious time for many, for those who suffer from allergies, they can be a nightmare. Keeping the air quality in your home clean by using filterscan wifi is one great way to make your home an allergy free haven and alleviate the suffering. Here are four other ways you can allergy-proof your home.

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    How Improving Your Indoor Air Quality Can Help Spring Allergens

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Apr 1, 2016 9:30:00 AM

    With spring around the corner, you can almost hear the united groan from allergy sufferers foreseeing the usual problems. The winter respite is over. Outdoor triggers, such as pollen, will soon come to the surface and begin to irritate sinuses. If you suffer from allergies or know someone who does, you already know what this is like.

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