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    Need Help Lowering Energy Bills by up to $270? Change Your Air Filter

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Dec 17, 2014 8:30:00 AM


    Did you know that clean home air filters can save you real money - as in up to $270 per year -  by lowering your energy bills?

    That's enough to make holiday shopping a lot more fun!

    As you’re buying that flat screen TV for Grandpa or that Frozen doll for little Maggie, you may be wishing there were a way you could lower your spending during the rest of the year. Imagine finding an extra $100 or $200 in savings by doing something as simple as always changing the air filter in your HVAC (heating, ventilating and air conditioning) system before it becomes clogged. 

    It's not too late to grab these savings. We'll show you how they add up.


    HVAC systems work harder with clogged furnace air filters! 

    A heating & cooling system’s air conditioning or furnace filter can be a real Grinch when it comes to costing you money. The filter captures the dust, dander and dirt floating in your home’s air, so eventually it gets full of debris. Clogged furnace air filters force your HVAC system to work harder and longer to maintain the desired temperature, leading to greater energy use and higher monthly bills. 

    Clogged air filters cost up to 15% more energy!

    The Department of Energy (DOE) estimates that clogged air filters can use up to 15% more energy than when the filter was fresh and new. This inefficiency increases quickly as the filter become more and more clogged. The DOE has also estimated that, on average, half of a household's energy use is for heating and cooling.

    Money_Savings_ChartLet’s translate this into dollars. We’ve created the table above to help you figure out how much money you could potentially save by regularly changing out your air filter. Follow these steps:

    1. Find the right row: Round your average total monthly energy bill (electricity, gas, fuel oil, etc.) to the nearest hundred dollars. Not sure what that is? According to the Department of Energy, the average household spends $183 a month on home energy.

    2. Find the right column: Estimate how often you run your HVAC system with a clogged filter. To do this, first determine how often you replace your filter each year. If it's four or more times a year, then stop. Congratulations! You are likely changing the filter before it becomes clogged.

    If it’s less than four times a year, however, savings are in store. 

    First, multiply the number of times you replace your filter annually by three and subtract the result from 12. That is the number of months you may be running your system with a clogged filter. For example, suppose you change your filter two times a year: multiply 2 (filter changes/year) X 3 = 6. Then subtract the result (6) from 12 = 6. This means you are running your system with a clogged filter for six months out of the year.

    3. Figure out where your row and column meets: This is an estimate of how much you could save every year if you never allowed the filter to become clogged. For example, if you spend about $200 a month on energy and you only change your filter twice a year, you could save $90 a year by always replacing your filter as soon as it becomes clogged.

    The solution to lowering energy bills by up to $270? Eliminate Clogged Filters!

    So, if you want an extra $100 or $200 in your pocket this holiday, get rid of clogged air filters for help lowering bills. If you’re not sure when your filter is clogged, consider an electronic monitor (see How to Choose the Best Furnace Air Filter) that can send you convenient text alerts for scheduling air filter replacement. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

    Be sure to add clean home air filters to your home energy savings checklist. It's sure to help lower those energy bills and make your holiday shopping more fun.


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