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Due to the current Coronavirus epidemic and lockdowns, we want to help keep your home’s Indoor Air Quality at its best.

We also want to keep our staff working.

So, from now through December, 2020, we are offering our FILTERSCAN WiFi Home Air Filter Monitor at an amazing 23% off our retail price. That’s $99.95 for the peace of mind that you are keeping the air circulating in your house as clean as possible. At this exceptionally low price there is a limit of ONE filterscan per household.



The FILTERSCAN WiFi® Home affordable airflow sensor and differential pressure monitor sends you a text or email when it's time to change your home's air furnace filter.

    How to Install the FILTERSCAN Air Filter Monitor

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Aug 7, 2014 7:30:00 AM


    how to install the filterscan air filter monitorIf you've just purchased the FILTERSCAN or FILTERSCAN WiFi air filter monitor, you'll be interested in this three part series about how to install the FILTERSCAN, how to calibrate it and how to operate the air filter monitor.

    Part 1: How to Install the FILTERSCAN

    Installing the FILTERSCAN®Air Filter Monitor is simple and straighforward. Just follow these step-by-step instructions, also detailed in this 5:18 min installation video (which you'll find embedded at the end of this article):

    1. Turn OFF your HVAC system until instructed below: Typically, this is accomplished by setting your thermostat to the “off” postion and/or turning power off to your central air/furnace.

    2. Choose a place to install the FILTERSCAN: You will need to choose a location on the cold-air return side of the duct (where the air enters the system) at least 6 inches to either side of the air filter that is free of any impediments—either inside or outside the duct. Ideally, this location will be downstream from the air filter (that is, between the air filter and the system blower); however, you can also install it upstream and differentially. More on that in step 6..

    3. Tape your FILTERSCAN monitor template to your chosen location: The template included with your air filter monitor tells you exactly where to drill, so you won’t have to make any complicated measurements.

    4. Drill holes: Using a 7/64” metal drill bit, drill four mounting holes indicated on the template. Then, using a 3/8” drill bit, drill one hole for the monitor’s sensor.

    5. Attach the Air Filter Monitor: Align the FILTERSCAN’s sensor tube with the larger hole (3/8”) that you drilled. Then, attach the monitor unit using the supplied mounting screws. Ensure that nothing is inserted into the Sensor Tube, as it could damage the sensor and interrupt proper functioning.

    6. Set the Upstream/Downstream Switch: Flip the upstream/downstream slide switch (refer to the product image in the FILTERSCAN Quick Start Guide) on the monitor’s circuit board to indicate the chosen location of the monitor, relative to the HVAC filter’s position.

    You have three options for locating the monitor: upstream, downstream and differentially across the filter. We'll go through each one.

    a. Upstream:  This refers to installing the air filter monitor on the cold-air return duct before the filter and blower (See Figure A below).


    Figure A: Upstream Installation

    b. Downstream:  When you install the air filter monitor downstream, you place it on the cold-air return duct after the filter, and before the blower (See Figure B below). This is the ideal location for installing the FILTERSCAN.



    Figure B: Downstream Installation


    c. Differentially across the filter: In this case, the air filter monitor is installed either before or after the filter and using the optional Tubing Kit. Set the slide switch to the Downstream position for differential mounting. (See Figure C below).



    Figure C: Differential Installation

    7. Install Batteries: Insert four AA batteries (included), or install the wall-mount power adaptor (included). Once power is applied to the monitor, the status LED should momentarily turn green and then turn and remain red. This indicates that the unit has not yet been calibrated.

    8. Replace the Cover. You're set! You've successfully installed the FILTERSCAN air filter monitor. You're ready to learn how to calibrate it.

    Here is to a link the 5:18 min Air FIlter Monitor Installation Video

    If you have any problems or questions about how to install the air filter monitor, don't hesitate to e-mail us at techsupport@cleanalert.com or call us at (888) 414-FLOW (3569).

    Stay tuned for part 2 in this series about how to calibrate the FILTERSCAN air filter monitor.  

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