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    How Energy Efficient HVAC Systems are Creating More Jobs

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Jul 5, 2017 1:04:47 PM


    The future is bright for the HVAC industry because it’s green! 

    Did you know that the HVAC industry is the top employer in the energy efficiency sector? Moreover, 70% of these HVAC workers are employed by local businesses with 10 or less employees meaning that across the USA, there are thousands of local HVAC companies creating jobs to strengthen their local economies and a more environmentally friendly future. And as the industry grows, job creation in the industry is only set to increase.

    The Importance of Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

    Making HVAC systems energy efficient is a huge priority. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, replacing aging HVAC systems with an Energy Star-certified model could cut household cooling costs by 30%. This is significant when you consider that air conditioning is responsible for half the energy costs of the average U.S. home.

    The benefits don’t just extend to homeowners. Installing and maintaining energy-efficient HVAC systems in both residential households and commercial facilities is beneficial to the environment and the owner’s pocket by requiring less energy and money over time. 

    Job Creation Now and Into the Future

    Job creation is happy bi-product as workers are needed to manufacture, sell, install, and maintain the systems.  Job creation in the energy efficiency industry continues to grow year on year and it has been estimated that the U.S. economy will add more than a million energy efficiency jobs by 2030, and up to 2 million by 2050.

    A Win-Win Situation

    Throughout the United States, Air conditioning is a necessity for daily life. Happily, new energy-efficient technology means that we can enjoy our HVAC systems without the negative environmental impact of the past. The HVAC workers who install and maintain these new HVAC systems are contributing a great deal to a greener future. As are the homeowners and facilities managers who purchase their goods and services. 

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