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    Great Facility Managers Can Make a Huge Difference

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Jun 20, 2016 9:00:00 AM

    Facility managers, along with property managers, are some of the most unrecognized heroes in business today. They work diligently to make sure all the core services of the facility or property are managed properly. They also coordinate events, work with many different departments regularly and are also in charge of paperwork & processes for the facility or property. This is no simple job. It takes someone who can multi-task while implementing best practices. It requires that person to perform on the present while considering how to do it better and more cost effectively in the future.


    Managing day to day operations as well as strategic planning is something that only certain people can handle. These all-stars can execute on the fly while thinking about the future. They can take notes, mental or physical, while performing their current duties of a manager.

    Here are some of the departments that are typically managed or coordinating with the facility/property manager. On a scale of 1-10, how important are these aspects of a facility or property to you?

    • Security
    • Utilities
    • Maintenance
    • Janitorial
    • Contracts & Forms
    • Health & Safety Compliance
    • Internal Communications
    • Catering

    These are all vital parts of business operations. How could you trust anyone less than the best you can get with these responsibilities? Many of these facilities & properties thrive off of repeat and referral business, so a great impression is everything. They are also usually full of employees & guests, so it is on display 24/7 for the world to see.

    Many facilities and underfunded and understaffed. This puts the facility manager in a position where they have to choose wisely how to use their scarce resources. A great facility manager knows where to make cuts & improvements. They can find creative ways to save money while focusing on the highest priorities first.

    Property managers have similar and sometimes worse problems. They often need to work with scarce resources, sometimes only relying on themselves, to solve every issue. They also may deal with renters, who can demand problems get solved right away. With the law on their side, immediate successful resolution of the issue is vital. This stress isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes an iron will to be a great property manager.

    The facility and property managers are in charge of another crucial part of business operations – contracts. They not only write up the contracts, but many times are involved in the negotiations. This critical part of their job shows once again how a great employee can make a huge difference in your business.

    Dealing with contractors is another fun part of the manager’s day. Ever reliable and timely, contractors are usually a pleasure to work with and easy to deal with whenever the need arises. However, sometimes issues do arise and many times the facility or property manager is the person who deals with the issue. This can be a tough part of the position, but one that the greats can handle with strength and calm.

    Emergencies can happen 24/7/365, so facility and property managers are essentially always on call. How they respond to these emergencies will reflect on your business and may determine the safety of your employees and guests. A great facility manager has solutions in place for all types of emergencies. A great property manager has all their plans ready in case anything happens. Having a solution and practicing can many times save face in case of an emergency or more importantly, maybe even save lives.

    If you still think you can hire anybody for an opening you may have for a Facility Manager, Property Manager or Operations Manager, please think again. Adding a superstar to your roster in this position will help lead your team to victory. Hire a great manager and you can fully know your facility or property is in good hands.


    Originally posted on capitaltristateadvantage.com

    Topics: Facility Management, facilities management, facility managers