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    Four Ways to Allergy-Proof Your Home

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on May 22, 2017 10:04:00 AM

    Allergy season is upon us. While spring and summer are a glorious time for many, for those who suffer from allergies, they can be a nightmare. Keeping the air quality in your home clean by using filterscan wifi is one great way to make your home an allergy free haven and alleviate the suffering. Here are four other ways you can allergy-proof your home.

    Allergy-proof Your Bedroom

    Unfortunately, the bedroom is the most allergy prone room in your home thanks to those little devils, dust mites, the most commonplace indoor allergen. The best way to counteract dust-mite allergies is to use hypoallergenic casings on your pillows, box springs, mattresses, and bed frames.

    Another top tip is to stop using fancy cushions, throws, wool blankets and coverlets on your bed. These may look pretty, but since many people wash these infrequently, they become a hotbed for dust mites. Instead, only use bedding that you wash frequently.

    Lastly, although you love them dearly, pets need to stay off your bed and preferably out of the bedroom entirely. Even if you are not allergic to their dander, they bring in allergens that you want to avoid.


    Allergy-proof Your Kitchen

    Kitchen cleanliness can make a big impact on allergies since cockroaches and other pests are allergy triggers. Change your garbage frequently and keep food in airtight containers.  Clean down surfaces regularly with a cleaner that contains bleach and check for mold - another allergen. Always turn on air vents to clear the air while you cook.


    Allergy-proof Your Bathroom

    Another place where mold strikes, you should clean your bathtub and shower on a weekly basis. Ventilate the room whilst showering and check for mold and mildew. If mold is present, purchase a mold cleaner. There are also many mold prevention products on the market to make use of if it becomes a recurring issue or your bathroom is poorly ventilated.


    Allergy-proof Your Living Room and Other Rooms

    Carpets can be big problems if you suffer from allergies so you may want to remove these if your condition is severe. Where carpets are present, vacuum regularly with a HEPA filter fitted vacuum cleaner since these reduce the amount of particles thrown up in the air when you’re going about your chores.

    If any of your rooms suffer from damp, use a dehumidifier that you clean and empty regularly. Avoid tracking allergens into your home by removing shoes when you enter the house or make use of a rubberized mat at the door.


    While none of these tips can completely allergy-proof your home, making use of them will certainly help alleviate the pain of allergies this season.

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