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    Four Tips To Become A Better Facility Manager

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Apr 18, 2016 10:08:00 AM

    Are you involved in the art and science of Facility Management? You may not recognize it, but if you are a homeowner, you are a facility manager. So my guess is that the majority of those reading this post are technically involved in the role of a facility manager. Some of us are engaged in the “profession” of Facility Management while others of us are responsible for the stewarding of facilities at a different level or capacity. Given that, these four tips are relevant to each one of us.

    As I have studied Facility Management and operations, I have seen a noteworthy dichotomy between those whose facilities are functioning at peak levels and others that, well, not so much (and I will leave it at that!). I have witnessed some very specific traits in both camps, and I have found that they are almost always opposites of each other. The well-run facilities do “X” and those on the other end of the spectrum do NOT do “X”. In most cases there is a direct connection of what is done, and the exact opposite.

    There are four main areas in which the top producers devote their time. They take these seriously and make the time to engage in them. They are deliberate. They are proactive.

    Here are four tips to become a better facility manager that we have observed:

    Keen On Learning – I have never met a successful facility manager that knew everything there was to know or was up to date on the most current means, methods or tools available, but they constantly were seeking to learn. With accessibility to the internet and our ability to “Google” just about anything, there are no excuses not to be constantly learning.

    Being Engaging – None of us were meant to go it alone. We need to engage with others to help us in our journey and hopefully, you will become the trusted advisor to the next generation of proactive facility professionals. 

    Having A Plan – The adage “People don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan” is very true. This is really what separates the effectiveness and efficiency of facilities. Are they proactive or reactive? Are they planning for the future or just dealing with the urgent?

    Understanding Different Tools – While you can take a hammer to drive a lag-bolt, I think we would all agree there is a better “tool” for that job. So, what tools are you using to manage your facilities? How do you track and process work orders? How do you increase efficiency within your team? Are you using tools to help increase your energy efficiency? How about space utilization and preventive maintenance planning? 


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    Topics: Facility Management