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    AC Covers: The 10 Best Models (Review)

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Dec 21, 2015 1:39:00 PM

    As we’ve entered the colder season, the need for our AC could decrease. Not only is this a good time to check if the filter needs replacement (so that it’s ready to go when you need it again) but it could also be a good idea to cover it up with a cover. This is a great protection from snow, wind, nesting animals and other outdoor elements - because let’s face it, an air conditioner is an investment and something that you’d want to protect.

    Take a look at this great article that highlights the Top 10 AC covers (all available on Amazon) posted at Eotmblog.com. 

    10. Classic Accessories 52-014-141001-00 Cover

    Specially built to prevent down draft and protect air conditioners from UV and frost damage, Classic Accessories 52-014-141001-00 is a well made 36-inch by 36-inch by 40-inch cover with a durable and form-fitting design that works well with several types of air conditioners. It is durable, has an adjustable lacing system that guarantees a secure and fast fit, and has vent panels that reduce wind lofting and water condensation that often damages or lowers the longevity of such machines over the years. It fits to the floor to lower wind draft, up to 200% stronger than most fabrics, and comes backed by a limited two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


    9. Sunbrella Canvas Outdoor Air Conditioner Cover

    Sunbrella Canvas by SugarHouse is a custom-made outdoor air conditioner cover with a durable forest-green-themed material that withstands constant abuse. It is easy to install and remove, has a well-designed water resistant design that also keeps debris, leaves, and dirt out of your air conditioner, and is made of a mold and mildew-resistant acrylic fabric that does not fade nor lose its shape or color over time. If cash is a concern, this cover is affordable. It is also easy to clean using soap and water, has a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and comes backed by a limited 8-year warranty from the manufacturer. An original model will serve you well for many years.


    8. Villacera Air Conditioner Cover

    Measuring 34-inches by 34-inches, Villacera is a high-quality air conditioner cover with a stylish brown and beige theme that works well outdoors. It has an elegant fabric top that fits air compatible air conditioners well. It also has a protective water resistant knit and a water repellent laminated backing that lowers the risk of water damage during wet months. If you live in a temperate environment, this cover has well-designed air vents that prevent wind lofting and condensation. It also has a dark and protective splash guard skirt, an elastic hem cord for a custom and tight fit, click-close snap straps for added safety in high wind, and a three-year limited warranty.


    7. Air Conditioner Covers Square Cover

    Designed for use with square central air conditioners, this cover by Air Conditioners Covers is a premium-grade outdoor accessory that offers value for years. The plastic material used to manufacture it is durable, measures approximately 34-inches by 34-inches by 30-inches, and has a water resistant and repellent design that guards against the damaging effects of dirt, snow, and rain. It is also easy to install and remove, has a long 72-inch elastic strap with clasp for a custom and secure fit, and a well-finished construction that lacks holes, tears, and other flaws. This air conditioner cover is affordable, folds conveniently for easier storage, and offers full coverage.


    6. Classic Accessories 55-189-015101-EC Cover

    This 55-189-015101-EC Ravenna by Classic Accessories is a Taupe-themed square air conditioner cover with espresso and mushroom details that boost aesthetics. It fits all 34-inch-by-34-inch air conditioners up to 30-inches wide. The high-density polyester used to manufacture it is durable. It has a UV-stabilized coating that prevents it from fading and a water resistant undercoating that resists and repels water to protect your machine from damage. As most high-grade models, Classic Accessories 55-189-015101-EC is easy to install and remove. It has elastic hem cords that guarantee a custom fit, mesh-lined structured vent that prevent wind lofting and mold and mildew infestation, and has padded handles that ease usage.




    5. Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

    Do you have a large indoor air conditioner that you use often? Are you shopping for a new air conditioner that you can use to protect it from accelerated damage? This indoor cover by Jebb Products Inc. is among the best around. It is durable, measures approximately 20-inches by 28-inches (fully extended), and has an aesthetic beige theme that does not create an eyesore in homes whilst in use. This air conditioner cover works well in both cold winter and hot summer months. It is affordable, relatively easier to fit and remove, and has an insulated and washable design recommended for everyday use.


    4. PremierAcCovers Air Conditioner Cover

    PremierAcCovers is a 36-inch-by-36-inch all-season air conditioner cover with a low maintenance black theme that works well outdoors. It is USA-made, fits several types of air conditioners, and is made of a high-quality and tear-proof fabric that resists dust and environmental elements such as rain and UV. If you live in a wooded area, it is also one of the most recommended for preventing debris and leaf build-up, which often lowers the efficiency of outdoor air conditioners. Even though professional-grade, PremierAcCovers Air Conditioner Cover is affordable, relatively easy to use, and lasts for many years. You get a limited five-year manufacturer’s warranty.


    3. Duck Brand 1431012 Cover

    Favored in top 10 best air conditioner covers reviews in 2015 reviews, Duck Brand 1431012 is a 30-inch by 30-inch by 34-inch air conditioning cover that fits most standard machines. It is rectangular shaped, made of a reusable heavy-duty plastic material, and has secure fasteners and straps that keeps it secure in both cold and hot environments. This cover is affordable and attainable as a package of two accessories that offer timeless protection against elements.


    2. CoverMates Air Conditioner Cover

    Measuring 24-inches by 24-inches by 30-inches, CoverMates is an elite polyester air conditioner cover made of a durable 300D stock-dyed polyester fabric. It is durable, has covered mesh vents that lower condensation, and Velcro openings for a secure fit. It is also mold and mildew resistant, has an easy-to-handle puncture-proof design, and an elastic hem design that eases installation.


    1. Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Cover

    Backed by a three-year limited warranty, Classic Accessories Veranda is an aesthetic 34-inch by 34-inch by 30-inch air conditioner cover that fits most square machines. It is water repellent, resistant to UV and other environmental elements, and has a dark splash guard skirt that offers greater coverage. You also get an elastic hem cord; air vents that lower wind lofting and condensation, padded handles, and durable click closure buckles that ease installation and use.



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