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    31 Ways Facility Managers Can Motivate The Maintenance Department (Part 6)

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Jun 3, 2016 9:00:00 AM

    Making connections through team activities

    Team activities or deliberate team hangouts are great ways to get to know everyone. Need some inspiration for team outings? Our low cost motivators below are sure to appeal to your maintenance team.


    24. Hangouts At Lunch Time

    When we asked facility managers what they use to motivate their employees, a large number said they provide lunch for their team a few of times a year. These lunches are inclusive of the entire team and provide a pleasant setting to hang out and get to know the people you work with. Note that work talk is prohibited as this isn’t a meeting or a time for office gossip. One client thought it was important for their team to have a change of scenery and re-locates their lunches outside for a picnic. Getting out of the office and exploring new public spaces can break up an otherwise normal workday. Additionally, taking breaks outside provides a significant energy boost, allowing employees to re-charge and be more productive. If lunch seems like a large commitment, try an afternoon coffee break with the team. The trick is bringing people together over universal staples- lunch and coffee.

     25. Lunch and learn

    On the other hand, lunch and learns are a great way to educate your employees on a specific topic such as safety standards or quarterly goals. Not to patronize your team or trivialize an important meeting, but employees are more likely to be interested in a topic or look forward to a meeting if there is something free involved, especially food. As long as you have a clear agenda, leave some time at the beginning for employees to sit down and serve themselves, and at the end for cleanup, these meetings aren’t a burden to host or distracting to the team.


    26. Celebrate the holidays and New Years

    No matter your religion or cultural background, creating a special time for your team to celebrate New Years is important to help reduce employee burnout. Towards the end of a year employee vacation days and benefits (like chiropractor services or dental) are exhausted, increasing the likelihood of dissatisfaction and fatigue. Although many organizations already have companywide holiday parties, taking time to celebrate your own department and their achievements is a nice way to cap off a successful year or reflect on challenges your team faced. A holiday “happy hour”, extended lunch provided by the company, or Secret Santa can go a long way in providing a casual New Years get together.

    27. Play A Sport

    Nothing says team comradery like sports. If you have aspiring pro-athletes on your maintenance team, consider joining a recreational league that gets together once a week to play. Slow-pitch, bowling, hockey, pool league, or even a flag football league are really fun activities that people can easily rally behind. If your maintenance team is smaller, look to bowling or pool leagues that require less people. Participation doesn’t have to come from playing, some employees may be more interested in being a spectator. Make sure you extend the invite to everyone so they can cheer on their fellow co-workers.

    28. Department "Happy Hour"

    If you and the team have been meaning to go out for a few after work beers, now is your chance. Institute a happy hour a couple of times a year where, depending on company policy, you can visit your local watering-hole or buy a case of beer for the office. Be aware of those who don’t drink alcohol and make sure you provide non-alcoholic drinks or visit a place that has food as well as drinks. Make sure to keep this time casual but professional, by ensuring that the conversation is flowing more than the drinks. Be responsible and have fun.

    29. Volunteering as a Team

    A great way to give back and also hang out with your maintenance team is to volunteer. Many organizations have a companywide volunteer day where they team up with a local not-for-profit during business hours and help out. There are all kinds of volunteer options out there, but to get buy-in from your team choose an opportunity that sticks with them. This can come in the form of a locally based initiative that would directly benefit their community or a maintenance specific task where they can show off their jobs skills for a great cause. If your team can’t spare precious business hours, you can still help by collecting money together to donate to a charity of your choice.

    30. Go To A Sporting Event

    Put on your team jersey and face paint and go to a sports game with the team. You can often get ticket discounts when you book in larger groups or purchase tickets for less expensive amateur leagues. If getting everyone to a game sounds too problematic or costly, make a point to watch the “big game” at a bar or even stream it live at the office. Rallying around a particular intense match is a fun activity that most people can easily get involved.

    31. Maintenance Repair Competitions

    Unleash your competitive side when you gamify an everyday work task. Competitions such as the first one to complete the task checklist on the air handler unit, or the person who completed the most amount of work orders for the week are crowned winner. You could incentivize the game with a prize or rely on good old fashioned bragging rights.


    Ultimately, your maintenance department is composed of hard-working people, so the old adage of “treating others how you want to be treated” is always appropriate. There is an assortment of ways that maintenance managers can harness workplace efficiency and institute a positive work environment for all employees no matter their inner motivations. What’s essential to takeaway is that a blanket approach to troubleshoot all employee issues at once is impossible, and what might work well for one employee may not see the same results for another. Use a mix of techniques and approaches to optimize the motivation amongst your entire team. Aim to inspire leadership in each individual, empower them with tools to make their jobs easier such as the latest CMMS software or equipment, and provide constant feedback on a group and individual level. Note that change may not occur immediately and that trust is earned over time.


    Written by Margeaux Girardin

    Originally posted on hippocmms.com

    Topics: maintenance, motivation, facility managers