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    31 Ways Facility Managers Can Motivate The Maintenance Department (Part 4)

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on May 30, 2016 8:30:00 AM

    Instill autonomy in your maintenance team

    10. Make Employees Solve Their Own Problems

    A bit of tough love never hurts, especially when it assists employees to have confidence in themselves. An employee is automatically more invested in their workplace if they feel they have a sense of ownership over their job. Encourage employees to solve problems on their own so that when a task is completed they are the ones who receive credit for their own success.

    Ownership signifies that you trust your employees enough to make decisions and carry out projects without being a micro manager.

    11. Cleanliness Is Next To... Motivation?

    Furthering the importance of encouraging ownership in employees is to institute cleaning policies to ensure workspaces are functional and tidy. Studies have shown that workers are more productive in cleaner environments and it enforces a sense of ownership over their work area as well as providing a much safer environment for employees.

    12. Give Them The Authority To Make Purchasing Decisions

    One manager we spoke with gives their maintenance team the authority to purchase equipment and services such as collecting bids from outside contractors or researching newest equipment models to replace older ones. Empowering employees by giving them higher level projects and handling part of the budget, shows that you trust their professionalism and judgment. After the employee brings their final recommendations to you, debrief their experiences and take their recommendations seriously. You’ll be surprised how thorough and thoughtful these recommendations will be.


    13. Invest In Your Employees - Safety Gear

    Your employees work hard and experience a lot of wear and tear on their safety gear including gloves, steel toe boots, goggles, and flame resistant uniforms. If your company doesn’t already, make sure you allocate some money in the budget to update these items yearly. Provide each employee with a budget of around $200 to spend on work gear that needs to be replaced. This incentive works two fold, first it creates a safer environment for your maintenance team and second by receiving new items that they chose, employees feel more empowered to make decisions.

    14. Invest In Your Employees - Offer Them Technology To To Their Jobs Better

    CMMS or facility management software can be a benefit for your maintenance department. This software specializes in streamlining maintenance and facility processes to make your entire department much more cost efficient. In addition to streamlining communication between your maintenance team and management, it also provides time saving methods such as a mobile app to reduce downtime between jobs and preventive maintenance work orders that generate at a frequency of your choice. Maintenance and facility software is always designed with the end-user in mind, showcasing a user-friendly interface for people of all technical skill levels to use. With maintenance management software, workers spend less time on administrative duties to find, sort and file existing work orders and more time completing maintenance tasks.

    15. Appoint A Project Leader

    Push project responsibility downward and empower your workforce by appointing project leaders to manage certain tasks. These people are the go-to point person for follow ups and check ins. Warning: This should not be misconstrued as a reason for upper management to slack off on the role of experienced oversight, but rather a way to empower employees in a supported framework.


    Written by Margeaux Girardin

    Originally posted on hippocmms.com

    Topics: maintenance, motivation, facility managers