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    31 Ways Facility Managers Can Motivate The Maintenance Department (Part 1)

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on May 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

    Motivation amongst your employees can take a nose dive at any time. Cold weather, hot weather, mourning the end of a long weekend, and a lack of employee engagement are all factors in an un-motivated and perhaps under-performing work force.

    A report done by the Incentive Research Foundation discovered some seriously remarkable, albeit, alarming statistics on overall employee motivation, finding that disengaged workers cost the US economy $300 billion per year. In addition, it determined that organizations with above average levels of employee engagement realize 27 percent higher profits, 50 percent higher sales, and 38 percent above-average productivity. A motivated employee is also more likely to become loyal which directly impacts profits as the report indicates that a 5 percent increase in employee retention generates 25 percent to 85 percent increase in profitability. With these truly astounding results in mind, it’s a no-brainer to invest in tactics to better motivate employees, but not all facility managers know where to start.

    In the case of the maintenance department, four primary factors attribute to the lack of incentive based programs or motivational tactics.


    4 Reasons Why The Maintenance Department Can Lack Motivation

    1) The maintenance department is often one of the most under-appreciated and over-looked departments in an organization. Traditionally organizations view the role of the maintenance department as static, maintenance activities aren’t changing or innovative, they instead stick to the status quo and cost the company money. This maintenance-as-a-necessary-burden mentality is both false and can hurt the overall morale of the department. If your work is under appreciated, why would you work harder?

    2) Many maintenance departments work in the non-profit or government world, where channeling public funds for incentive-based spending on employees is strictly prohibited. Even if your maintenance manager wants to reward their top achievers, there are policies that prevent them from doing so financially.

    3) The size and autonomy of a maintenance department varies depending on industry, organization size, and business model. Many of the maintenance departments are one or two person operations, so team building exercises or even instilling simple team comradery can be difficult and sometimes impossible. These small teams are often over-worked, with much of it going unnoticed by upper management.

    4) The aging demographic of the skilled trades workforce is of growing concern to facility and plant managers. Apart from having to fill vacant positions more quickly and the fear of losing years of internal knowledge as Baby Boomers retire, is the lack of buy-in from this age group on new innovative processes. The fear of unknown-technology or misconstrued ideas of losing their jobs from a tech takeover, make implementing automated processes much more challenging. Recognizing this fear and understanding that many people don’t take well to change, is an important first step to better motivate employees to jump on board with new ideas.

    It may seem near impossible to implement motivational tactics that fit within company guidelines and increase employee morale, retention, and profits. To deliver this tall order, we hope our list provides you with some creative ideas and inspiration for your maintenance department.


    Written by Margeaux Girardin

    Originally posted on hippocmms.com

    Topics: employee management, maintenance, facility managers