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    3 Tips On Determining If You Need HVAC Ductwork Maintenance

    Posted by CleanAlert Blog Team on Apr 15, 2016 8:47:00 AM

    People tend to forget cleaning the ductwork when it comes to the overall maintenance of their air conditioning or HVAC systems. Though not all HVAC systems have air ducts, the majority come bundled with them. As such, there is a need to properly clean them so as to keep them in superb working condition for efficiency purposes.


    Over time, air ducts become littered with rodents, animal hair, insect feces, molds, dust, dust mites, dead insects, and more, making them fail to function as is required or expected of them. All these pollutants often get stuck in the HVAC duct work and need to be cleaned with special equipment that are designed to loosen and then remove them from within the air ducts.

    All the same, here are some tips for helping you make an informed decision in regard to maintaining your HVAC system and ductwork.

    Determine If You Actually Need To Clean Your Air Ducts

    A visual inspection of the inside of the air ducts is the only viable way to help you determine if you actually have a problem. If you are physically able to access all the areas of your HVAC system, then you may attempt to do this by yourself. However, this inspection is best left to the professional duct cleaning professionals as they have the right tools, inspection knowledge, and cleaning techniques. For example, the majority of these HVAC cleaning professionals have video inspection equipment that can be inserted into the air duct interiors to allow a closer look.

    Determine The Kind Of Debris You’re Dealing With

    At one point or another, the ducts will be clogged with various types of debris, leaves and other pollutants. This debris will consist of lint, animal dander, dust, insect and rodent feces, pollen, etc. which all have to be removed from the air ducts for them to properly function. Inside these ducts, it is not uncommon to discover signs of rodents and insect habitations. Rodents in particular like to gather nesting materials, things that all end up restricting the air flow to and from the ductwork.

    If you find mold growing inside or even on the outside surface of the ducts, a thorough moisture issue investigation need to be quickly carried out. Note however, that identifying the particular type of a mold in or outside your system requires a professional laboratory analysis. Be warned, dealing with molds is not something you yourself want to tackle. Let the professionals handle these on your behalf – they know how to professionally handle the discovered molds.

    Determine Whether You Can Clean It Yourself Or Not

    If dust, debris, pollens, etc. have accumulated to the point of clogging the air ducts, collecting on dampers, joints and protruding screws, then it is time you had the ducts professionally cleaned. In not doing so it will eventually restrict the flow of the air through the system, affecting its efficiency in the long run. In extreme cases, this eventually leads to premature failure of the whole system. You don’t want this to happen to yours, do you?

    In conclusion, a reputable and professional air duct cleaning service can help clean and maintain your HVAC duct work. Your unique circumstances will be looked into and then a thorough inspection will be recommended, if need be.


    Originally published in http://www.drhvac.ca

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