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  • Advertise yourself to homeowners who are looking for an HVAC contractor to receive air filter clog alerts.
  • No need to share email or phone numbers with homeowners. We contact you from our secure server.
  • Receive status reports on all your connected AFS Home subscribers when you upgrade to Pro+.

AirFilterSentry Pro allows you to register your company name and contact information and become a member of the AirFilterSentry Pro Network (AFSPN). As an AFSPN member, your name will appear when an AirFilterSentry Home or Home+ subscriber is deciding where to send filter clog alerts issued by their FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor. Only your business name and address is shared with the homeowner. Other contact information, such as e-mail address or phone numbers, are not shared.

When you upgrade to AirFilterSentry Pro+ you can also view filter status reports for all AFS Home or Home+ subscribers who have selected you to receive air filter monitor alerts issued by their FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor. These reports are searchable, sortable, customizable, and viewable using any compatible Internet browser. NOTE: Some of these reporting features will not be released until the second half of 2014.

How does AirFilterSentry Work?

The first step is to get your clients to purchase a FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor from www.cleanalert.com. Next, have them sign up for an AirfilterSentry Home or Home+ Notification Service subscription. The first year is FREE. After that, it costs them only a few pennies a day. They can register up to 3 FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitors and designate you to receive air filter monitor alerts to any smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet, laptops or desktop computer (PC or Mac). Just have them go to www.cleanalertwifi.com. During the sign up process, they will be given the option to have alerts sent to members of the AirFilterSentry Pro Network. Ask them to choose you from the list of AFSPN members. 

Next, install the FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor on your HVAC clients' HVAC systems and wirelessly connect them with their Internet routers. That's it.

You will now receive alerts from their FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitors via text and/or e-mail to your smartphone (Android or iOS), tablet, laptop or desktop computer (PC or Mac).

For more information, download the AirFilterSentry Notification Service Product Information Sheet.

Two options: Pro and Pro +

Subscription fees are detailed in the chart below:




Join the AFS Pro Network



Receive alerts from connected clients' monitors



View and download reports on the filter status of connected monitors



Subscription Fees



Annual monitor connection fee (per connected monitor)




An AFS Pro+ subscriber who is connected to 10 client monitors would pay $9.90 (= $0.99 x 10) per year. If an AFS Pro+ subscriber is not connected to any client monitors when they enroll, then the first year is FREE. The number of connected client monitors on the anniversary date determines the subscription fee in future years.

Ready to Subscribe to AirFilterSentry Pro or Pro+?

Simply click on www.cleanalertwifi.com.

If you have any questions, please contact us.