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The AirFilterSentry Notification Service allows you to register multiple FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitors and receive air filter clog alerts from any of them on any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.


With AirFilterSentry Plus service you can also view reports on the filter state of all registered FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitors. These reports are searchable, sortable, customizable, and viewable using any compatible Internet browser.


How does AirFilterSentry Work?

Purchase a FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor for each air handler in the buildings you want to monitor. Create an AirFilterSentry account and sign up each monitor. Install your FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitors. Then track all of your air filters and receive clog alerts from your FILTERSCAN® WiFi Air Filter Monitor via text and/or e-mail.

Notify up to 3 smartphones and up to 3 email accounts. After a clog alert is received, you can verify that the air filter was serviced without leaving your desk. View the remaining air filter life in each of the filters you are monitoring anytime from anywhere on any Internet browser. There are no apps to download and install. 

Basic Plus
Local alerts
Personalized alert messages
Can connect the monitor(s) to any HVAC contractor in the Pro Network
Remote software updates
Text alert to one smartphone or email alert to one email recipient  
Text alerts to up to three smartphones and/or email alerts to up to three email recipients  
Follow-up reminders if a clogged air filter is not replaced or serviced  
On-demand web-based reports of remaining filter life and monitor status  
Annual fee   OR FREE First monitor: $15
Additional monitors: $7
First year is FREE
Single Lifetime fee   First monitor:$45
Additional monitors: $20

AirFilterSentry Plus Subscription Example

An AirFilterSentry Plus subscriber who sign up 10 monitors would, after the free trial year, renew the service by paying $78 per year ($15 for the first monitor and $7 for each of the remaining 9). Or the subscriber could pay $225 ($45 for the first monitor and $20 for each of the remaining 9) and never pay anything again for the life of the monitors. How long is that? Since the FILTERSCAN WiFi is a low-power, solid-state, electronic device, it should last at least as long as the HVAC system on which it is installed.

FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor Models

New Call-to-action FS-245-B. Battery-powered. $99.
 The FS-245-B is powered by four AA batteries (included) or by an optional 6V wall adapter (Model CA-360). 

New Call-to-action FS-245-C. 15-24V AC/DC powered. $99The FS-245-C is powered by a 15-24V source, usually the HVAC auxiliary power. This model should only be installed by a licensed electrician or HVAC contractor using electrical conduit.

If you need more than 25 units, call 888-414-3569, Press 3, and we will provide you with volume discounts.

These products are available for sale only in the United States and Canada. If you are interest in obtaining a FILTERSCAN WiFi Air Filter Monitor in another country, please contact us.

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